Redemption Character Index

The Players

Bryan Roemer: heartbroken and lost, wonders what it is about Cassidy that draws him to her, a fierce protector of those he cares about, destined to become The Breastplate.

Cassidy Baker: Carrie’s younger cousin, catches the eye of a certain California photographer, living embodiment of peace, has seen angels her entire life, also possesses special abilities that make her powerful…and a threat, destined to become The Sandals.

Carrie Mayer: engaged to Nick, best friend to Miranda, cousin to Cassidy, still playing matchmaker and used to getting her way.

Nick Flaherty: engaged to Carrie, best friend to Derek, friend of Bryan who he believes is in danger, sometimes thinks he’s everyone’s big brother and crosses lines.

Bastion: Angel of Fortification & Defense, Protector, assigned to Bryan, has a history with Mara, weapon of choice: his Kodachi sword.

Luscid: Angel of Clarity and Insight, Protector, assigned to Cassidy, has kept a secret from her, weapon of choice: the long sword.

Mara: Demon of Apathy, beautiful and alluring, uses the Lotus to charm, has become attached to Bryan…which is completely inconvenient for her.

Rhys: Demon of Passion, has a strong connection to Mara, is sent to keep her in line, is shark-like in his methods…devouring and consuming.

Miranda Reid: The Helmet, dreamer of prophetic visions.

Derek Gainnes: The Sword, guardian within the Circle.