Pursuit Character Index


Miranda Reid: Reluctant dreamer of prophetic visions, bookstore owner, and romantic skeptic. At present, her life is filled with one too many men. Having a good time is comfortable; the idea of love is terrifying.

Derek Gainnes: The Guardian. Has a past he fights very hard to change. Meeting and falling for Miranda Reid is tempting him in ways he finds hard to resist. Struggles against his own desires, her fears, an annoyingly persistent ex-boyfriend, and a supernatural realm that is determined to separate them.

Bryan Roemer: Ex-boyfriend of Miranda Reid. Still in love with her and returns to win her back. There’s just one little obstacle he never figured he’d have to overcome: Derek Gainnes.

Carrie Mayer: Best friend of Miranda, matchmaker extraordinaire, committed Christian, and very used to getting her way.

Nick Flaherty: Boyfriend of Carrie, loyal, protective, Christian, and has a habit of overstepping boundaries in the name of protecting those he loves.

Lainey Reid: Sister of Miranda, fun-loving, protective of her sister, and a bit of a troublemaker.

Vizuhn (Vision): Angel of dreams, visions, and prophetic insight. Assigned to Miranda Reid. Not your stereotypical harp-playing, cloud-dwelling angel. Possesses great power and strength.

Feyth (Faith): Angel of belief and faith. Assigned to Derek Gainnes and partner of Vizuhn. Likes the military approach. Good with a sword.

Aphrodisios: Demon of Lust. Self-explanatory. Loves to make people burn. Miranda escaped him once, and he is determined to make sure it does not happen again.

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