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The Armor of God.

What if the power of each piece was contained within six individual human beings?

What if all of Heaven had to fight to protect those with the powers?

And what if all of Hell was determined to stop them from succeeding?



Pursuit is brilliantly engrossing page after page for someone like me that isn’t an avid reader of fictional titles. It recaptures the plot and twists similar to the supernatural thriller movie which featured Matt Damon – ‘The Adjustment Bureau’.” The Christian Watchman

“Finished Pursuit. When is the next one due out?!? I thought I loved the Twilight Series but this has SO taken its place!” – Debbie, FL

“I absolutely loved this book. Having been brought into the genre initially by Twilight and then the Fallen Series, Immortals Series, etc. I would say this book is even better. I couldn’t put it down. An amazing story of good and evil with a touch of spirituality. Absolutely amazing. Cannot wait for second installment!!” – Catherine, NJ



The style and voice of this author is out of this world. I’m an avid reader (and author myself) so well written words are definitely a major part of my world. I didn’t want to put the book down. If I had of bought the book earlier in the day I would have finished it in one sitting. I fought off the sleep at midnight and pushed through until 3 a.m., not wanting to, but also not having a choice in the matter. Sleep was inevitable. I woke at 8am. and grabbed my kindle with a smile a mile wide. I had to know what happened next! Needless to say, I was not let down. Dull moments are nonexistent in this novel. Angels and demons are more real than ever, and the way the author brings them to life with her words, you will never doubt for a second how real they are. I highly recommend this read. Don’t miss your chance to be pulled into Cassidy and Brian’s unrelenting and impossible world.” –  KS Haigwood, author of Save My Soul, Hell’s Gift, Forbidden Touch, and Eternal Island

Wow! Just wow. LA Kuehlke hit a homerun with Redemption. Although it was not YA, which is what I read most, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was seriously hooked since the very beginning, wondering how this Mara chick would play out in Bryan’s story. For a minute… a very short minute, I thought she was worthy of redemption, boy was I wrong!

I haven’t read the first book, Pursuit, so I was somewhat on a loop when it came to stuff from the past, but even then, Kuehlke gave enough information to fill in the blanks and make this story whole. Redemption was one of those ‘un-putable-down’ books! Until I was done, I had to keep on reading! If you are into Paranormal Romance with a hell of a twist, literally, you must read Redemption! I cannot wait for the next one!” –  Lucy Swing, author of Feathermore and Fallenmore

Loved the author’s first book Pursuit and I was not disappointed by this one at all. Kuehlke has an enchanting voice and her work reads beautifully. Redemption focuses on Bryan (who you meet in Pursuit) and picks up where the first book left off. You learn more about the ‘Circle’ and who the players are in the upcoming battle. The book is a suspenseful battle of wills between demons and angels with touching sweet romance between the main characters. You will not be able to put this one down once you start.” -Krystal Shannon, author of Open House, Chasing Sam, A Very Russian Christmas, and Finding Hope


Yorkshire Publishing Pursuit Press Release

Review by Rebecca Gallegos:

L.A. Kuehlke’s recent novel, Pursuit is a romantic thriller with a heavenly touch.  Tucked into a quiet suburban town, the main character, Miranda Reid has always had an eerie ability to foresee the future –a gift she has always refused to accept.  After a lifetime of hiding from her secret past, Miranda is forced to face her fears and accept her gift because ignoring it could prove fatal to those she loves the most.

Kuehlke is a teacher and a writer in a quiet suburban town not unlike her main character and is inspired by people who have a genuine heart for others, who want to make a positive impact in this world.  Inspired by Charlotte Bronte and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Kuehlke rereads these works often for their depth of character and rich description of time and place.

Pursuit immediately involves the reader to uncover each character’s secret and the ease in transition from time and place keeps the pages turning.  This is an enjoyable read and readers will be happy to know that Pursuit is part of a planned trilogy.  Kuehlke is currently working on the second book, entitled Redemption.

Whether or not you are into reading Christian fiction, Pursuit is a fun and pleasurable read!  Be on the look-out for this talented writer as the Christian market is about to discover a new writer and her name is L.A. Kuehlke.