Delirium Character Index

The Humans:

Miranda Reid: The Helmet, dreamer of prophetic visions.

Derek Gainnes: The Sword, guardian within the Circle.

Bryan Roemer: The Breastplate, guardian of emotions.

Cassidy Baker: The Sandals, able to stand against demonic attack and rescue those taken.

Carrie Mayer: The Belt, sees the truth – whether she wants to or not.

Nick Flaherty: The Shield, defender of the Circle.

Lainey Reid: Miranda’s younger sister.

Evan Decker: A friend of Bryan’s.

The Angels:

Vizuhn: Angel of dreams, visions, and prophetic insight. Assigned to Miranda Reid.

Feyth: Angel of belief and faith. Assigned to Derek.

Bastion: Angel of Fortification and Defense, Protector, assigned to Bryan.

Luscid: Angel of Clarity and Insight, Protector; assigned to Cassidy.

Amena: Angel of Honesty and Truth; assigned to Carrie.

Rae: Angel of Protection; assigned to Nick.

Gavin: Angel of Truth; assigned to Lainey.

The Demons:

Aphrodisios: Demon of Lust; assigned to Miranda.

Deimos: Demon of Fear, Dread, and Terror; assigned to Derek.

Mara: Demon of Apathy; assigned to Bryan.

Rhys: Demon of Passion; assigned to Cassidy.

Kaelan: Demon of Confusion; assigned to distract Lainey and the members of the Circle.

Cantare: Demon of Beauty and Enchantment; assigned to Carrie.

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