Photo by Ethan Blake Pelsia


“I think that you must be real. And I can’t stop myself from wondering — if you are real — am I on your mind half as much as you’re on mine?”

Miranda Reid — her mind shattered, her heart torn — is haunted by the ghosts of her past. It’s been a year-and-a-half since she vanished, taken by Aphrosdisios; and the Circle is broken. For some, finding her has become their sole mission. Yet others simply want to find a way to move on. As he watches the distance between those in the Circle grow, Aphrodisios is certain that he has finally won. Miranda is his, and he will do whatever necessary to ensure she remains his.

If the Circle is unable to find their way back together, Miranda will be lost to them forever. One way or another, the ransom must be p aid; and this time, not even their angels will be there to save them.

Photo by Ethan Blake Pelsia

Author bio:

L.A. Kuehlke’s world exists in words. When this wonderful world was opened up to her at a young age, a passionate love of reading developed. She is rarely seen without a book, and at any given time there are at least twenty or more waiting in her “to-read” piles. And, of course, reading them led to writing them. For as long as she can remember, she has written stories. Family and friends have patiently listened to her tales and encouraged her when she decided to turn a childhood dream into reality. There are four books in the PURSUIT SERIES: PURSUIT, REDEMPTION, DELIRIUM, and RANSOMED.

Photo by Ethan Blake Pelsia

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