One prophetic dreamer.

One demon-possessed stalker hunting her.

One angel determined to save her.

Two men fighting to win her heart

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Miranda Reid is a woman who would very much like a normal life. She figures it’s not too much to ask, although, ever since she can remember, she’s always had an eerie ability to foresee future events in her dreams. Unfortunately, for Miranda, normal is not going to arrive anytime soon. Haunted by both a terrible secret from her past and the images that keep her awake at night, she finds her days quickly straying from the controlled routine she relies upon. An obsessed stalker and a demon with a grudge are following her. Two equally desirable men, police officer Derek Gainnes and ex-boyfriend Bryan Roemer, have fallen in love with her. And just when she thinks there is no way her situation could become more complicated, an angel begins appearing to her in her dreams, bringing messages from a God she has always avoided. Miranda quickly finds herself doubting everything she ever thought she knew. After a lifetime of hiding, she is forced to face her deepest fears, her greatest desire, and her refusal to accept her gift. She must soften her heart and allow the love of God and the man she has been searching for to enter, because if she continues to ignore them both, people will die. Will she listen to the messages, or will darkness claim her destiny and her gift?

Reader reviews for Pursuit:

Pursuit is brilliantly engrossing page after page for someone like me that isn’t an avid reader of fictional titles. It recaptures the plot and twists similar to the supernatural thriller movie which featured Matt Damon – ‘The Adjustment Bureau’.” –The Christian Watchman

“Finished Pursuit. When is the next one due out?!? I thought I loved the Twilight Series but this has SO taken its place!” -Debbie, FL

“I absolutely loved this book. Having been brought into the genre initially by Twilight and then the Fallen Series, Immortals Series, etc. I would say this book is even better. I couldn’t put it down. An amazing story of good and evil with a touch of spirituality. Absolutely amazing. Cannot wait for second installment!! “ -Catherine, NJ

“This is truly an amazing book! Most people would think that since it’s a Christian book, it’s automatically going to be cheesy. This Christian book is FAR FAR FAR from that. A MUST read! The writer did an amazing job! Can’t WAIT for the rest of the series! P.S. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would.” -Anonymous reviewer, Barnes & Noble

“Wonderfully written. Love the story line. The good vs. evil with the touch of spirituality. Could not put the book down until I finished it…Cannot wait for the next one.” – Sue, TX

“A book with demons, angels, romance, and action! A book for everyone!” -Anonymous, NJ

“Just finished reading Pursuit. It was a great read! Wonderfully written…Now I understand about “temptation” that is ever present all around…A book about the realities of good vs evil.” -Carol, NJ

“I was delighted to find that not only was the story line compelling, but the writing is very good. If Kuehlke writes this well on her first book, she has a bright future as an author.” -Amazon reader review

“Women who value their spiritual life will love this book.” -Barnes & Noble reader review

“Stay out of the woods…you never know what you’ll find in them.” (Photo by James B. Kuehlke)

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